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“This mop is really easy to use. I usually use a rag most of the time, and my hands are covered with oil, which feels uncomfortable. With gloves on, sometimes it is not convenient to answer the phone or my baby is crying. With this mini mop, I get rid of most of the rags in the house. super recommended!”
Susanna O. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


This MINI SQUEEZE MOP is really a game changer. Small size, keep your hands dry and clean when using! No hair shedding, no watermarks – hang to save space!

2023  New Favorite MOP As Seen On: 

Light weight: about 6.15 oz,  very easy to use.

Keep hands dry, not wet & keep oil away. Say goodbye to wet, oil & greasy hands! MINI SQUEEZE MOP eliminates this concern for those female who prioritize hand care.

✅ No watermarks left!  No water stains will remain with MINI SQUEEZE MOP‘s strong water absorption ability of the rubber sponge – no cloth needed!

Hands DRY All The Time

A gentle press is all it takes to clean, saving you the trouble of a cloth and protecting your hands from the cost of water and oil. Worth it! Plus, it won’t take up space – store it with ease.

Super Strong Sponge

Experience the unrivaled suction of the new-gen rubber sponge of MINI SQUEEZE MOP! Wipe away grime with ease, leaving no traces behind.

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Q1: How do I adjust the angle of the mop head on the mop?

A: Adjusting the angle of the mop head is simple. Hold the handle firmly and rotate the mop head until it aligns with the desired angle. This feature allows you to clean around furniture and reach tight corners effortlessly. 

Q2:  How often do I need to replace the sponge head?

A: The frequency of sponge head replacement depends on your usage. As a general guideline, we recommend replacing the sponge head every 2-3 months or when you notice a significant decrease in its cleaning performance.

Q3:  Can I use MINI SQUEEZE MOP for dry mopping as well?

A: Yes, you can use MINI SQUEEZE MOP for both wet and dry mopping. The sponge head is designed to be versatile, allowing you to effectively clean and remove dust and debris when used dry. 

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