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Make-up Brush Cleaner

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Effortless Cleaning: The electric Brush Revitalizer simplifies and speeds up the typically laborious chore of makeup brush cleaning. Utilizing a swift yet gentle cleaning process, it efficiently cleans your brushes leaving them in flawless condition and ready for immediate use.

Maintains Brush Quality: Regularly using the Brush Revitalizer increases the makeup brush’s longevity, saving you money. It eliminates makeup residues, oils, and bacteria, preventing brush bristle quality deterioration. Moreover frequent use prevents product buildup and preserves the texture, shape, and functionality of brushes, averting stiffness and discolouration, thus extending overall quality and effectiveness.

Versatile: Our device cleans various makeup brushes of all sizes and shapes and offers automatic and manual cleaning modes. The automatic mode simultaneously cleans multiple small and medium-sized brushes, while manual mode allows handheld cleaning for large brushes with either the machine or the cleaning pad.

Time Efficiency: The devices’s automated and swift cleaning function saves you from lengthy cleaning sessions. Minimising the time and effort required for makeup brush maintenance. The automation feature enables you to engage in other activities as it cleans your brushes. Moreover it simultaneously cleans several brushes, saving time and increasing efficiency during the cleaning process.

Maintain Healthy Skin: Unclean makeup brushes can cause skin problems such as breakouts, rashes and irritation due to the harmful bacteria they carry, and even serious infections. To promote a healthy skincare routine, our device thoroughly cleans makeup brushes, ensuring they remain devoid of bacteria that could transfer to your face.

Air-dry and Dust-proof: The Brush Revitalizer not only cleans but also dries your brushes. The brush holder allows for efficient air drying, eliminating excess water from the bristles. This prevents water damage, keeping the brushes in optimal condition. Furthermore, the device allows for convenient brush storage, protecting them against dust.


Add a suitable amount of water and the cleaning solution into the Brush Revitalizer. Install the makeup brushes into the silicone cap holder, insert them into the device, secure the cap, and press the power button to initiate the cleaning process.

After cleaning, rinse thoroughly under running water until the soap is completely washed out. Subsequently, position the brushes upright in the silicone cap holder and allow them to air-dry. Once dry, store them inside the device to protect them from dust.

For manual cleaning with the cleaning pad, dampen the brush bristles with water, apply a small amount of cleaning solution to the pad, and gently glide the bristles on the pad in a continuous motion until all makeup residue is removed. Then, rinse under running water.

Alternatively, you can opt for manual cleaning with the device, by removing the silicone cap and holding the brush in your hand as it undergoes the cleaning process in the device.


At the Lectrodgets headquarters, we have created a makeup brush cleaner that stands out as the best-selling in the market. This success is attributed to it’s state-of-the-art design, efficient cleaning capabilities, and versatility in cleaning a wide variety of makeup brushes of all sizes and shapes.

These qualities enable it to deliver an outstanding and unmatched performance while guaranteeing a convenient and user-friendly experience. The exceptional features and capabilities of the Lectrodgets Brush Revitalizer enable it to emerge as the top pick for make-up enthusiasts.


Almost 100,000 women are using the Lectrodgets Brush Revitalizer. Due to this high demand, we often sell out so please be patient with us as we try our best to keep up with demand.

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